Sailing club
in Marbella




from 260 EUR

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Boat rental

Sailboat rental with skipper for any type of occasion and ultimate sailing experience.

from 130 EUR

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Quick introduction to sailing basics, presented in a fun and easy format.

from 260 EUR


Relax on a sunset sailboat cruise and enjoy magical views of Marbella!

from 340 EUR


Best summer camp for kids and teens: sailing adventure and lots of fun.

from 300 EUR


Custom sail training tailored to your skills and availability.

from 200 EUR


Rent a boat on your own and feel the real sailing spirit with Beneteau First 24.

from 595 EUR


Signature educational program with extensive practice and insights into the world of sailing.

from 50 EUR

Shared cruise

An excellent choice for those seeking an affordable sailing experience.


Lifestyle choice

Sailing offers the benefit of staying active, improving mental well-being, connecting with nature and socializing

SAiling everyday

Sailing with us is quick and simple. You can easily integrate it into your daily routine and enjoy your hobby every day

Top location

We are located in Puerto Banus – one of the most recognized luxury marinas in the world

For newcomers and pros

Whether you have no experience or you are already a seasoned sailor, we have something to offer you

All IN ONE club

Discover sailing for everybody: enjoy cruising, learn new skills, or challenge yourself in competitive regattas

Budget friendly

Making sailing affordable, we offer activities for different budgets starting from only 50 EUR


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Come aboard our friendly sailing races — open to all ages and skill levels!

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Regatta for professional sailing enthusiasts from the northern countries.

from 290 EUR


International regatta for experienced teams with high organizational standards and accessible participation.

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Choose a corporate regatta to boost employee performance and unite the team towards strategic goals.

What customers say about Try Sail Marbella?

Really friendly, fun and something new for all of us!

Fun afternoon out with the family. Learnt quite a bit and all was really friendly and just fun and something different for all of us.

Amanda Thomson

We had sunset sailing and got a lot of pleasant impressions!

Everything was thought out to the smallest detail – from the meeting in the TRY SAIL office to the last drop of champagne on a sailboat.


Natalia Svyatogor

Cool concept because anyone is welcomed to learn sailing!

The only company that organizes regattas regardless of experience. It was my first time and I would repeat for sure. Recommend to try!


Isabela Vilceanu

Great introductory sail course! Mission accomplished!

I offered my wife a beginners sail course so she could discover and like sailing. TRY SAIL has turned my wife into a true enthusiast!


Chris K.

Had a great day out! Thanks to the TRY SAIL team!

Very well organized, safe, punctual and friendly atmosphere! Beautiful weekend sailing regatta, will do again for sure.


Christian Garcia

Select Your Experience Level

from 50 EUR

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I have no experience

I’m not familiar with sailing at all but I would love to try it myself or maybe just to hangout on a boat with skipper.

from 50 EUR

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i’ve sailed a few times

I have limited experience in sailing, but I’m eager to expand my skills and learn more about the activities you provide.

from 90 EUR

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Sailing is my hobby

I sail from time to time or even more often. Sailing is one of my favorite activities, and I’d like to do it regularly.

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I am a pro

I am an experienced sailor. What can you offer me?



We offer six new Beneteau FIRST 24 sailboats and are the only company on the Costa del Sol with a monofleet


Cozy office space and changing rooms with a shower very close to the boats in the heart of Puerto Banus


Our boats are equipped with silent electric engines and solar panels to minimize environmental impact


We take care of every client from the shore to the boat and back, providing the best experience on all stages


We ensure safe sailing: certified skippers, weather checks, life jackets

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    Why should I TRY SAIL?

    Sailing is an exceptional sport that offers extensive physical and mental benefits and is open to all ages and most fitness levels. It’s a fun way to stay active, connect with nature, and socialize. At TRY SAIL, you will find the sailing format that meets your needs, whether you want to learn, race, or just relax.

    Is sailing safe?

    The TRY SAIL team is made up of certified skippers who ensure a safe sailing experience for you. Our boats have keels, therefore they never capsize. We always check that the weather forecast is suitable for sailing, provide life jackets and accident insurance for all our services.

    What sailboat do you offer?

    We have a fleet of six Beneteau FIRST 24 sailboats, made at a world-famous shipyard and complying with all quality and safety standards. You’ll enjoy easy handling alone or with a full crew, whether you are relaxing on an afternoon sail, racing in a regatta, or cruising with your family.

    What is the boat capacity?

    The total boat capacity, including the skipper, is 8 people. If you would like to sail in a larger company, you can rent several boats at once and form a real flotilla! However, for our group activities, we limit the capacity to 4 people to maintain an individual approach.

    I have no experience. Can I sail with you?

    Yes, of course! With us, you can not only take a sailboat cruise but also participate in a real regatta. We also offer great training programs. Choose the format that suits you best and let’s sail!

    I want to learn how to sail. Where should I begin?

    The quickest option to familiarize yourself with sailing is our “WORKSHOP”. If you have more time, choose the “TRY SAIL COURSE”. We also offer training sessions to consolidate everything you’ve learned and to further develop your skills.

    Can I get a sailing license with you?

    We are not a typical sailing school and don’t issue sailing licenses. Before you get one, we recommend handling how it all works. We offer pre-step learning programs which allow you, among other things, to figure out which type of license you need.

    Do you provide sailing activities for children?

    Yes, we do, because we believe that sailing is an excellent activity for kids! We offer regular training for kids from 12 y.o. and holiday day camps for children from 6 y.o. Moreover, kids are welcome to participate in all our activities alongside their parents, including regattas.

    Do I need a sailing license to sail without skipper?

    Yes, according to Spanish legislation, you must have a license suitable for a 7.30-meter sailboat. In any case, we are always ready to provide you with our skipper, who will be a great crew member.