Corporate sailing

Sailing is an exciting sport and form of recreation, which helps people grow in every aspect, filling them with the energy of the wind, sea and sun. Join sailing teambuilding in Marbella!

This is a team sport, which requires physical as well as mental activity. Here, everyone’s role is important, but the result depends on the whole team’s efforts. On-board processes are very similar to how people interact at work, that’s why sailing is an effective tool for developing soft skills. Book your sailboat teambuilding in Marbella, Spain.

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    Sailing creates:

    • Skills of teamwork Leader qualities
    • Quick reactions
    • Strategic and spatial thinking
    • Determination, will and motivation

    It also:

    • Supports physical fitness
    • Offers new experiences and knowledge about the environment
    • Reduces stress
    • Rings one in harmony with nature

    We offer special sailing

    formats, which improve employee performance and bring the team together to achieve the company’s strategic goals!

    Corporate regattas

    TRY SAIL corporate regattas are a unique and effective form of team building, which brings you face to face with the power of nature. Here, the wind and sea become your business trainer!

    Take part in real boat races that follow all the rules of big-time sports. Thanks to our team of professional skippers, anyone can compete, even with no experience. We explain the safety precautions, show you how the boat is set up and how to steer it, and, of course, help you figure out your role in the crew.

    Corporate regattas are a great way to:

    • Rally employees and increase team performance
    • Develop communication skills
    • Create and strengthen management competencies
    • Learn to quickly adapt to unusual conditions
    • Find motivation to achieve a goal despite any odds!

    Corporate sport

    Sailing on a regular basis is a great opportunity for business to increase the level of employees’ health care and to diversify the corporate sports program. If your office is located on the coast, regular training on boats is a perfect alternative to a gym membership!

    1. It gives the opportunity to switch, to take a break and to get a new perspective. Such a reboots improve brain activity, employees become more active and more efficient
    2. It energizes, inspires and helps to find fresh ideas and non-banal solutions
    3. It improves employee’s mood. Training activates the work of “hormones of happiness”: endorphin, serotonin, dopamine. And in a happy and positively charged team any goals are achieved faster

    We create corporate programs taking into account the fitness level of employees and our skippers always help each of them to determine their role in the team and reveal their potential.

    Sailing can become a great

    part of your corporate culture and rally employees around their favorite activity