Love is in the air (and sea): how to organize a date under the sails

There’s something undeniably romantic about setting sail on the open sea. The tranquil waters, the endless horizon, and the gentle sway of the boat create a magical atmosphere that’s perfect for a memorable date. At TRY SAIL, we’re here to help you plan the ultimate romantic adventure, complete with stunning views, delicious treats, and all the essentials for a perfect day together.

Setting sail for romance

Leave the crowded shores behind and embark on a journey where it’s just the two of you and the vast expanse of the sea. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply want to create cherished memories, a date under the sails is an experience like no other.

At TRY SAIL, we understand that the key to a successful date at sea is in the details. That’s why we take care of everything to ensure your day goes off without a hitch. Here’s how we make your romantic rendezvous extra special:

Advance preparations: to guarantee that your date cruise is perfect, we kindly ask that you book at least 48 hours in advance. This gives us ample time to make sure everything is just right for you.

Drinks and snacks: Our culinary partner, Danis Catering, works closely with us to create picnic boxes filled with mouthwatering finger foods made from the freshest local ingredients. These picnic boxes are specially crafted to suit the ambiance of your cruise, ensuring that your taste buds are as enchanted as your surroundings.

Ambiance: to set the mood, we provide candles and soothing music, allowing you to create an intimate and romantic atmosphere on board.

Love is truly in the sea when you plan a date surrounded by
the azure waters !

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, planning a surprise proposal, or simply looking to spend quality time together, a date under the sails is an unforgettable experience. Trust TRY SAIL to make your romantic adventure a seamless and magical one. With the sea as your backdrop, you’ll create memories that will last a lifetime.

Love is indeed in the air (and sea), and we can’t wait to be a part of your romantic journey.