Our goal is to provide knowledge and develop skills that allow kids to make sailing a natural part of their lives and become a real sailor!

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    Safety is our priority – all our skippers are certified professionals, our sailboats are stable and never capsize, a life jacket is a must on the water at all times, we are accident insured. Join our kids sailing classes in Marbella! 

    First sailing lesson for young sailors at TRY SAIL is free!

    • Studying the basics of sailing

    Safety on shore and at sea, sailboat structure and rigging, history of sailing

    • Teaching the main sailing skills

    Controlling a sailboat on all courses to the wind, making tacks and jibes. Mooring, tying sea knots and applying them in practice

    • Racing on sailboats

    Mini competitions and familiarizing with sailboat racing

    • Developing comprehensively

    By engaging in sailing, children become more independent, develop spatial thinking, learn to analyze the situation, build a strategy and make independent decisions. They also learn interesting facts from history, geography and physics.

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    Price per person80 EUR per person
    Duration 2 hours
    Group sizeup to 5 people


    We offer discounted kids training passes for 3, 6, 9 and 18 sessions. Contact us to know more and get your individual offer.