When we’re out sailing, we become guests of the sea’s ecosystem. It’s well-known that saving the ocean is one of the most important goals of sustainable development.

We believe that increasing awareness and knowledge about the world around us will help conserve nature’s resources. That’s why we combine sailing with education and offer you a unique sailing format guided by an oceanographer.

The material can be adapted for any age. Our oceanographer-led tours are interesting for both adults and children!


During the tour, you can focus on learning about one of the following topics:


Oceanography – Fundamentals of Marine Science

  • The mysteries of the ocean
  • Mapping the seafloor
  • Currents and tides


Biodiversity – Important Species of the Mediterranean and Atlantic

  • A hotspot of biodiversity
  • Whales, dolphins, turtles and sharks


Blue Planet – How does the ocean define our life?

  • The ocean as an essential part of the planet
  • Anthropogenic impact in the marine environment
  • How can we help the sea?

Book your oceanographer-led tour

Price340 EUR per boat (skipper incl.)
Duration2 hours
Capacity, max4 people