Sailing is an exciting sport and form of recreation, which helps people grow in every aspect, filling them with the energy of the wind, sea and sun, and giving them the chance to feel truly free. This unique experience is available to everyone, as sailing is not limited by age, gender or physical fitness.

TRY SAIL organizes family, corporate and sports events on board, which can interest professional sailors as well as those who have never been sailing before. We make going out to sea as easy as taking a bike ride or renting a paddle boat.



*From Wellbeing—a global trend of bringing wellbeing into all aspects of life.

Sea-being is to be at sea. Whether as an instructor, beginner, amateur, professional or vacationer, the role isn’t important. Statuses and titles don’t mean anything here. The main goal is to make your time with TRY SAIL unforgettable!

Sailingship is about the feelings and emotions that people come back for again and again. This inspiring experience brings people together, creating close friendships and a common passion. We continue sailing together after the moments and adventures we’ve had. After all, sailingship never ends!

Our mission is to make sailing possible for everyone, regardless of their experience, skills or goals. We offer a new sailing format for anyone with a sailing background and open this exciting world to those who just want to try… to try sail.


We’re free of any preconceptions about sailing and do what we love, how we love. We chose the sailing format that’s right for us, right now. This may be a regatta around islands, a sunset picnic on deck or a short cruise out at sea.


We create comfortable conditions for all our clients and make sure that your trip is smooth and enjoyable, from booking to returning to port.


We think big and pursue global goals to dispel the myths of sailing by making it accessible to anyone who is interested. More than just provide boats for a trip out to sea, we want to give you new discoveries and experiences.


Along with our love for sailing, we share our knowledge, experience and professionalism. We improve the skills of enthusiastic sailors with serious goals in mind, and we support anyone just getting started in the world of sailing.

I have been sailing for over 20 years, and it’s always nice to see how much joy it brings people, whether they’re new to it or professionals. It’s a very cool sport, and I would love for more people to have a chance to try it out. That’s why we created Try Sail.

Denis Kotlyarov

Sailor, organizer of international regattas and commercial sailing instructor

I have a lot of experience in the event realm and can confidently say that on-board events are always an unbelievable experience!

Vera Konashenok

Event management professional with extensive experience organizing events of various formats, themes and sizes