Safety and ecology

Our philosophy is Sea-being. This is not only a feeling of joy and comfort that comes from being at sea, it’s also a sense of harmony between human and nature. We consider it very important that our trips are safe and that the sea stays the way we found it.

Professional Team

Our skippers are professionals with extensive experience and have all the necessary licenses and certificates. Before we go out to sea each time, we give brief instructions so that you can feel confident and safe on the boat.

Weather forecast check

Weather forecast is a crucial part of preparing to go out to sea. We always track weather conditions and take them into consideration to ensure your trip is safe.

Life jackets

Life vests are a must on the boat. Our comfortable life vests are offered in a wide range of sizes for adults, children and even dogs.

GPS navigation system

The GPS navigation system equipped on our boats allows us to see your location and quickly reach you by motorboat should this be necessary. What if you suddenly run out of drinks in the middle of the cruise?

More about our boats

To avoid any negative impact

on the environment, we support zero waste and CO²-neutrality principles in all our activities

Electric engine

Sailing is in itself environmentally friendly, since sailboats can move on wind power alone. But if there’s no wind or you are in the marina, you need a motor to get around. Our boats are equipped with electric motors, and the on-board equipment is powered by a solar battery.


In addition, we use only eco-friendly dishes and are vigilant about not polluting the sea.