Themed sailing cruises

Sailing cruise is a perfect opportunity to relax and spend some time with family, friends or alone with nature. Sometimes, you just want to enjoy the sea, watch the sunset, drink a glass of wine on deck… Or maybe you want to explore the sea with an oceanographer or ride a SUP board away from the coast?

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    We offer themed sailing cruises just for these cases. The maximum number of participants on one boat is four people. If you have a big group, you can book several boats at once for a cruise. All cruises are accompanied by a skipper.

    Picnic at sea

    Go sailing with delicious, fresh snacks.

    Golden hour cruises

    Watch the sunrise or sunset.

    Oceanographer-led tour

    Combine sailing with science and learn more about the ocean.

    SUP and Snorkeling cruises

    For fans of sea recreation and outdoor activities.

    Date under the sails

    Enjoy the romantic sea with your second half.

    What should I take on board?

    • High-protection SPF sunscreen . Water makes you more susceptible to the effects of UV.
    • Comfortable closed shoes of any kind, but sailors traditionally wear shoes with white soles.
    • Hat to prevent heatstroke.
    • Swimsuit. You can easily hop off for a swim from our boats. Don’t miss the chance during summer!
    • Remember to stay hydrated. Our boats always have refrigerators with water.
    • If a day is chilly, don’t forget to bring a sport jacket.